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New Free Tool From SolarWinds!

SolarWinds IT Management Software
Out with the old & in with the new…FREE TOOLS!
VM Monitor for Hyper-V™ screenshot VM Monitor for Hyper-V™: VM Monitor is now also available for Microsoft Hyper-V™. Our new free tool continuously monitors the health of your Microsoft Hyper-V™ host by monitoring CPU, memory utilization and number of virtual machines configured and running. It provides detailed virtual machine health statistics including VM name, guest OS, and VM state, as well as processor, memory, and network usage. DOWNLOAD THE FREE TOOL NOW!
Event Log Consolidator screenshot Event Log Consolidator: Consolidate All of Your Event Logs in One Place!  Getting tired of having to log on to each Windows system to see event logs? Looking for a centralized view? Event Log Consolidator gives you the ability to view, consolidate and dismiss event logs and correlate issues among multiple Windows systems quickly and easily from one central location! DOWNLOAD THE FREE TOOL NOW!
Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor screenshot Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor: Watches your interfaces like a hawk! Start monitoring your bandwidth usage in real-time with Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor! This free tool watches your network interfaces like a hawk and makes it easy to keep a close eye on a troublesome interface. Once you have it, you’ll never miss the spikes! DOWNLOAD THE FREE TOOL NOW!
Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer screenshot Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer: Analyze Network Traffic & Diagnose Issues. Capture and analyze up to one hour of NetFlow data to see what types of traffic are on your network, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going. With Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer, you’ll get the visibility into NetFlow, JFlow and sFlow data that you’ve been waiting for. Try it today! DOWNLOAD THE FREE TOOL NOW!
Web Transaction Watcher screenshot Web Transaction Watcher: Easiest Web Recorder Around! Our Web Transaction Watcher records and tests alive webtransaction with just the touch of a butto—no scripting required! Capture an unlimited number of steps, and record every 30minutes. When something goes awry, get visual alerts when a failure occurs. Download now and find broken transactions before your customers do. DOWNLOAD THE FREE TOOL NOW!
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