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Data Center magazine 02/2011 : Storage & Backup

  • News
  • Interview with David Tuhy (Intel)
  • Bussinesses beware: Application Performance matters to your users!
    Kristen Allmacher
    As many businesses struggle looking forward in the future on how to leverage many of the newer technologies, predictions can be made based on current trends. Cloud computing has been hyped but gains traction as businesses see the value it brings.
  • Be prepared against acc idental file deletions
    Sooner or later, disasters happen to every computer user. They delete important files, on purpose or accidentally. Or they update a document and save it, overwriting the original version. The common practice of using an existing document, spreadsheet, or presentation as a starting point for a new one often ends in catastrophe when the user forgets to save the changes under a new file name.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: The Basics
    Dhananjay D. Garg
    Backup is basically an additional copy of the original data that can be used primarily to recover as a result to accidental loss. The backup copy is usually secured and kept for possible future use for a pre-determined time period. Backup copy can be created in two ways, viz. simple copy and / or mirrored copy. The difference between the two is that a mirrored copy is always updated with the recent data that is being written to the primary copy while a simple copy is not.
  • Examine your Network with Nmap
    Mohsen Mostafa Jokar
    Network scanning is an important part of network That any system administrator must be done it. network scanning contain of Port scanner and Vulnerability scanner.
  • Data Centers – Security First!
    Mahdi Jelodari
    Data centers must be secure in order to provide a safe environment for running enterprise to achieve maximum productivity, protecting profitability, productivity and reputation. What would happen if data center had an outage or security breach that disrupted operations, accesses, and services. We expect data centers to deliver timely, secure and trusted information throughout consuming organizations.
  • Building a Flexible and Reliable Storage on Linux
    Eduardo Ramos
    There are many storage solutions which can meet recent needs of storage, being the main requeriments used on choice: the level of confiability, complexity, cost and flexibility of the solution.
  • Understanding Linux filesystem for better Storage Management
    Mulyadi Santosa
    If you had a large warehouse, how would you organize it? Would you want everything inside it to be scattered around? Or would you have an arrangement pattern in mind? If so, what kind of arrangement pattern? Would you group things based on size or similar? Of course, the way a room is organized will determine the room’s first and final impression to clients or customers for example. The benefit to having an organized space is that it becomes much easier to locate items.
  • Companies have their sights set on Storage
    Herman van Heerden
    With the high volumes of data companies generate, collect and need to store nowadays, storage is priority focus area – and increasingly so – even for small businesses.
  • Powering Data Centers – Lessons Learned
    BJ Gleason
    Any decent security book will have a few chapters on physical security and power considerations. When large-scale modern data centers are being built, the security and power are properly designed and built-in from the beginning. But often, small to midsize centers are retro-fitted into pre-existing facility, and things are sometimes overlooked.
  • Facebook Cloud Computing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Standards & Practices
    Richard C. Batka
    It’s not easy supporting 500+ million friends.
  • Data backups just don’t cut it anymore
    Herman van Heerden
    Few companies can afford to lose a day’s worth of data, let alone a month or more. Salary information, strategy documents, project information, confidential client information and even email communication lost can seriously disrupt business and cost companies money.
  • Virtual Storage Security
    Stephen Breen
    Are you prepared for the business doom’s day? How long can your business survive if it stopped its operation? Most importantly, if your data is lost will you be able to continue operating or fulfill your legal obligations such as filing your tax forms?

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